The Goal in a Medium Reading

The terms clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience describe how Suzi receives messages during the process of channeling.  She seeks to be clear and precise in communicating to you what it is she sees, hears and senses.  This allows you to use your inner knowing to learn, grow and heal. It is up to you.

Here is what Suzi's clients have to say about working with her.

My Reading With Suzi Was Amazing
I came in needing to hear from my deceased brothers and they came through with their great sense of humor and fun-loving spirit. I know they want me to live a life of intense joy!
I love you guys!
M.W., La Center, WA





Katie S. says: I decided to see Suzi after she gave a friend of mine what I considered some extremely helpful advice. I went with an open mind, and no real questions. Everything that Suzi told me resonated with me so well, it helped give me real clarity and direction as to where I am heading right now. I felt very comfortable with her and I have since recommended her to all of my clients and a few friends who I feel could use a guiding hand.


Letting go 10/22/2011


Arnie b. says: My experience with Susie was all that I anticipated. I felt so compelled to.carry out wishes for a shamen friend that ended his pain and asked my to oversee his affairs. I was in the process of doing that, had an attorney to representive, prior appointment, I got word that a sister was going to contest causing great stress on me. His message to me that it was ok to walk away and not feel guilty lifted so much off of me. Knowing my mom and sisters are there to help me physically on my journey was the icing. Thank you so much for helping me let go





Ronda E. says: What an amazing session. Looking forward to another session with you in the near and not so distant future. My time with you was healing and thank you for your gift that you shared with me. It helped me get some clarity and lifted off quilt that I have had. It was affirming to know that I did everything that I could, but it was out of my hands. Thank you Suzi and I do plan to come back soon. Again thank you for your time, talent and your helping with my healing!


A Special Gift10/7/2011


Erica C. says: The special gift I am talking about is the gift of moving on. Leaving your "bags" behind, and stepping out into the world with a new outlook. I don't think anyone but Suzi could provide that insightful present. Thank you kindly, I look forward to further insight in the future.


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